Look where we are!

Elva Ramirez wrote an article on our city for on-line Forbes, the most famous business magazine of the world. The article shows many aspect of Rimini, maybe the less known by the outsiders: the Surgeon’s house, which is an ancient roman villa, extremely well preserved; Borgo San Giuliano, a neighborhood characterized by painted murals; the new movie theatre Fulgor, Fellini’s childhood cinema, recently restored.

But we think the article leaves out many special things, too: the “cantinette” (the ancient roman fish market, now in the heart of the nightlife area), the Tiberio’s bridge (the ancientest in Italy), Castel Sismondo where many cultural events take place (especially the “sagra malatastiana”, a special fair during the summer time).

Rimini is a city with many souls: a seaside city, with its beaches and sea; a cultural city, with initiatives of every kind – art, culinary, music; a city with an intense nightlife, full of bars, clubs and special events.
A city that offers much to everyone, with kindness and its commonly known charm.

All souls that you can find at our hotel, combined with a familiar and cozy atmosphere.
We look forward to welcoming you soon at Hotel Villa Merope!

What to do in Romagna, if not eating?

For the sixth year in a row the food fair “Al meni” returns in piazza Fellini, an initiative by the world famous chef Massimo Bottura, which envolves taste-artists, designers and artisans.
Save the date: 22-23 of June in Rimini (the program is still in the making, but it will be published on our facebook page as soon as possible!).
A must-see event, not only for the food enthusiast but for everyone – it takes place in a huge circus tent, like the one seen in the Fellini’s movie 8½, sorrounded by food stands and designers’ booths, in a joyful and “mangereccia” (aka eating-a-lot-of-delicious-food-that-brings-you-pure-joy) atmosphere, the best words to describe Rimini!

See you soon!

Website: http://www.almeni.it/