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Family room

Camera Familiare

Family room

Space for everyone.

Camera Familiare
Camera Familiare
Camera Familiare

Traditional room, not renovated, simple, with a very small bathroom. Please note that this room has an open plan shower, no walk-in shower.

Icona dotazioni disponibiliEquipment

  • double bed or twin beds
  • super fast wi-fi
  • air conditioning
  • LED tv
  • hair dryer (the real one)
  • fridge


You are in Marina Centro, or better still, in the heart of Marina Centro. And the most beautiful and well-equipped beach is just a few steps away, in front of the lookout

A proper breakfast
it should be

From 7:30AM to 10AM, for early risers and for those who think it is always too early to get up, with cakes made by us every day and many quality products, including organic and local ones

Pricing and availability

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