You have booked your stay and you have sent us a copy of your ID, the one you will show us at the check-in (click here for info about privacy).
You’ve packed all you need: shampoo, sunscreen, phone chargher… what’s missing? Right, the mask!
Don’t forget to take as many masks as you need to cover all your stay. If you need more, they will be aviable at our facility for a small price. Please make your id ready to be shown at your arrival, this will shorten the checkj-in operation.
Beware: if you show any flu-like symptoms, a fever over 37.5°C or you’ve been in contact with a COVID19 positive person in the previous two weeks, stay at home.


Remember to wear the mask in common areas, to keep a safe distance (1 meter) and to follow all the correct hygiene rules. Don’t touch your eye, face, nose or mouth. When you get to your room, wash your hands thoroughly and then take off your mask pulling the elastic bands. Remember to change the mask every time you leave your room. Do it with clean hands!

If flu symptoms or think you might be at risk of infection (fever over 37.5°C) call the management. If you are travelling with someone who might be infected, you will be no longer allowed to share the room with them.

At your arrival remember to clean your hands with the hand sanitizer gel provided. Show us the original ID you have provided us beforehand and your breakfast choices. We had to cancel our beloved buffet breakfast, but we have introduced a pleasing option that we hope you enjoy: breakfast room service. Choose whatever you like from the form (you can see one here), at what time you want breakfast served, and we will take it to you, on a sanitized tray. Our quality, in your room, for you to enjoy in your pajama!


We clean and sanitize common areas following the regional rules (in Emilia-Romagna are severe) and all our staff is provided with DPI, but we can do more. If you don’t want room service to clean your room daily please hang the “Do not disturb” sign on the handle outside your door or inform the reception about your prefecences. Just give us a call and we can schedule cleaning to make you feel safe.

We are working together to make your stay remarkable in all safety.


  • Send us a copy of your ID to make check-in procedure faster.
  • Ricorda le mascherine negli ambienti comuni.
  • Remember to wear masks in common areas.
  • Keep a safe distance (1 meter).
  • Tell us your breakfast choices.
  • Call us if you need any assistance.

For more information you can visit our government website

or official agency for tourism


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